How to use GitHub for Projects
Computer Science students are encouraged to host their code on GitHub. Here is some advice to identify high-quality projects to showcase on GitHub portfolio. This applies to the three project categories mentioned in the Projects section.

Classroom Projects and Assignments

Classroom assignments and projects allow an opportunity to practice with Git and GitHub. It is recommended to use private repositories for classroom projects and assignments. Please request permission from your professor before uploading classroom assignments and projects to a public repository.

Professional/Industry Projects

You may want to showcase an intern project on your GitHub profile. However, please request permission from your employer before uploading work projects to a personal GitHub.
Professional and industry projects can be showcased to potential employers in narrative form on your resume.
Please don’t forget to journal your project experience.

Personal Projects

Personal projects are the ideal project to showcase on GitHub. You may work from a private repository and make the project public when you are ready to share publicly. Refer to the Projects section to get started with your first project.