What is Packaging?

Packaging is the image you create for recruiters and employers. Recruiters and employers use this presented image to judge whether or not to extend an interview. Packaging happens when recruiters and employers encounter you both in-person and digitally.
The following checklist is applicable for internships, full-time employment, and other opportunities.


  • Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Active GitHub profile
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio Page

Soft skills to practice

  • Firm handshake
  • Making eye contact
  • Smile

Habits to Build

  • Add opportunities per week to Huntr Job Board
  • Practice explaining programming projects to technical individuals
  • Practice explaining programming projects to non-technical individuals

Huntr Job Board - CUNY2X Exclusive

Great news! CUNY 2X has partnered with Each CUNY 2X student is eligible to claim a premium Huntr plan. A premium account enables a user to track unlimited jobs and view metrics about their job search.

What is Huntr?

Huntr is a tool to help you track and organize your job search. The jobs you apply for are scattered all over the place (Indeed, LinkedIn, email, personal meetings, etc.), making it hard to remember where we've applied and where we stand with each opportunity. Huntr offers one place to keep all of those jobs and all the information related to them.

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How do I claim my premium Huntr plan?

If you want to have your existing account converted to a premium plan or need to create a Huntr account please request via this form: