Developing projects which are NOT classroom assignments is necessary to demonstrate your passion, curiosity, and resourcefulness to potential employers. Outside the classroom, projects should leverage technologies and topics which are aligned with your post-graduation career goals.
It is highly recommended to complete 1 project a year.
Projects will typically fall within one of the following three categories:

Classroom Projects

Programming projects assigned by a professor within an enrolled course at Lehman College. They can be group/team projects or individually assigned projects. Learn about showcasing your classroom projects on GitHub.

Professional / Industry Projects

Programming projects which were developed during an internship experience or a co-op experience. Learn about showcasing your professional/ industry projects on GitHub.

Personal Projects

Programming projects are driven by the topic of study which intrigues your curiosity. Learn about showcasing your personal projects on GitHub.
Recommended Toward
Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node
Taken CMP 338 or Enrolled
30 Days of JavaScript Coding Challenge
Not Taken CMP 338
It is recommended to code along with an online project-based course.
Find a project-based course on Udemy. Employers are not concerned about the originality of your project idea but expect you to leverage the technical skills you learn from the course.
For Udemy course recommendations please schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor on AdvisorTrac.
You are in charge of this project and structure is key.